Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sing Merry Christmas with the Caretakers

Download a free MP3 of the new Christmas song, "Sing Merry Christmas"
and support the Stephen Lewis Foundation and Hamilton AIDS Network.

December 2nd is World AIDS Day. The Caretakers and Vibewrangler Studio family want to thank the hundreds of people who have made donations to these organizations over the past year.
"Sing Merry Christmas" is brought to you by new Hamilton band The Caretakers.

All round cool dude and Hamilton music scene shaker Jeff Martin is the man behind this worthwile charity song.

Check out the link to this Christmas song and let's give Jeff big props for putting it out there.

Watch for The Caretakers first release, due to drop soon. They will also be in attendance at Sunday's Hamilton Music Awards, taking place at Mohawk College.

Sing Merry Christmas

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Sleepy Cowboy sings the gambling blues

Corb Lund is travelling this great big country from coast to coast singing his brand of new country. He's got a great way with words, and his songs are actually about something. He sings about losers, real cowboys, and gamblers. In fact this song is written about him. Yes he's the one looking for that one game that will make his fortune.

A real trouper he showed up early one Saturday morning with just his guitar. With only a few hours sleep, Corb rose to the challenge and performed two songs on CBC Radio's GO.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rappers Delight on CBC Radio's GO

More or les and his band of pj clad rappers and dj's rocked the house early one Saturday morning on CBC Radio's GO.

Check em out...intelligent and thoughtful rappers, more Gil Scott-Heron than Akon.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Playlist - Indie Radio Show - Wednesday October 14, 09

Another great night was had by all when Tom Beyer brought a fist full of indie CDs to share with Rick Jones and his faithful listeners. Each month Tom brings a bunch of music in for Rick - most of it availble through the website (

This week Peter Bloom came in to play live for the first portion of the show. Along with fellow guitarist Adam Langley they performed four different songs live in studio (catch all the clips at the DirkFimbob You Tube Channel).

Other beats that Rick and Tom grooved on were:

Sweet Weakness - Pat Dickinson (soon to be released) This play was the world premiere!

Don't Make A Fool Out Of Me - Ireland Brothers Band

What's Going On - Mississippi Kings
Sailing On The Ocean - Mississippi Kings 
I Tried So Hard - Mississippi Kings

Baby I'm Alive - Crossbac

Codeine - Ben Somer

Blue - Astrid Young 

Common Disaster - Cowboy Junkies 

Come To Me - Sean Ashby - 

Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurtin' Me - Ted Hawkins

Falling In Love Again - Pat Dickinson - (soon to be released) This play was the world premiere!

All of the music played on the indie radio show is, indeed Canadian Independent music. All of the selections can be found on (except the Pat Dickinson CD - which will be released shortly).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Peter Bloom Comes to Visit The Radio Show

Peter Bloom and East Coast Adam were on the Indie Radio Show recently performing some tunes off the latest record "Random Thoughts (from a paralyzed mind)".

Peter Bloom has had quite a ride getting to where he is today. He started out in the 1990’s as the singer and drummer for Montreal alt-rockers The Elementals. Bloom hung in through several style changes that saw the band turn into a more traditionalist and more successful rock band re-titled Furious Styles.

Now with this new release he is ready to take on the world. The English language version of the record has just been released. He has recorded the record in the French language, and there are plans to do the record in Italian and Spanish!

Take a listen to this unplugged version. The CD will be available soon from

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dragonette comes home

Check out this You Tube clip caught early one Saturday morning at the CBC Radio Studio. Dragonette moved to England a number of years ago and have had a very successful run in the UK. They have now relocated back to their home turf in Toronto.

These folks are real professionals, getting up before the sun comes up to perform for the nation. They usually play with a full band, complete with a drum kit. But check them out here - performing most of the music tracks on the computer. Sorry to burst anybody's bubble who heard them on the radio, who thought the music was all being performed by an in studio band complete with a bass player and drummer. This should still be considered "live" - nowadays the computer plays a bigger and bigger roll in what constitutes a live performance.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dave Bidini Talks about rock, hockey and Canada

Just in time for the hockey seaon, fellow blog readers may like this interview with Dave Bidini. This is part one of the interview. He talks hockey, Canada and rock.

Off the beaten path a bit, but he is always a lot of fun. Bidini is co-founder of Rheostatics (one of Canada's hidden treasures) and is now in BidiniBand. He is currently touring to promote his new album "The Land is Wild".

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