Thursday, August 6, 2009 Radio to go on the air

Big news for the promotion of Canadian Independent Radio Show is due to start airing at the end of the month. We are partnering with Caledon Radio and will be heard from 8 until 10:PM EST every Wednesday night.
True Indie Canadian Artists that are will be featured live streamed online at:
If you are lucky enuf to live in the Caledon area you can tune into B105.5FM, or at 102.7FM in Bolton.
We are interested in profiling up and coming artists who are truly indie artists. Many acts now call themselves "indie" but are affiliated with major labels and are still essentially major label acts - they are indie in name only. We are interested in bands who have produced CD's themselves and are needing assistance in getting their CD's to the public. With most of the stand alone music stores disappearing there will soon be no where to sample and find new music. We are happy to fill that niche.

We also still believe in the CD format! MP3's just don't sound as good, and at times just disappear off your hard drive. If you buy a CD it is yours for life!

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