Friday, September 25, 2009 Radio Show now a Pod Cast

There is a new Radio Show dedicated to Canadian Independent Artists - it's the Radio Show, live from the Caledon Radio studios. This new show is in conjunction with Songs From the Woods, the indie radio show bringing Radio-land new and upcoming recording artists.

Once a month (usually the last Wednesday of the month)the Radio Show will feature live guests in studio. Show hosts Rick Jones and Tom Beyer will talk about upcoming shows, chat about faves, and generally have a great time uncovering new and obscure Canadian independent recording artists.

What is an indie recording artist? This is an act that doesn't have a record deal with a major record company. This is a musical act that uses it's own financing to put out a CD and then goes out on the road to actively promote the record that they have put their heart and soul (and $$$) into.

We like these people! We think they need exposure to music lovers everywhere. That is what the show is all about - bringing you some wicked new artists who believe in what they are doing, and are not afraid to put their money where their mouth is.

So check the radio show out on Radio Caledon, or listen to the pod casts that are available for downloading on this blog. All of the shows will be stored and can be listened to at your request.

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