Monday, December 14, 2009

2009 - Creator of the Year - Tom Wilson

The driving force behind the new collective Lee Harvey Osmond is Tom Wilson. He has become the grand sage of the Hamilton Music Scene. This guy is really hard to pin down. Anyone who follows his exploits on Facebook or Twitter knows he's one busy musician.

In the past year, he has fronted his new the Lee Harvey Osmond project, participated in the recording of a new record for his other band Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, and performed with the remaining members of Teenage Head (as the "Sons of the Hammer"). He has found time to also co-host this years' Hamilton Music Awards. He's also a painter and a big booster of the Canadian Music Scene.

All of this action from a guy who is over 50! He puts guys half his age to shame.
He has keen musical insights, and has got a great sense of what makes a song work.
This is clearly evident when listening to his band Lee Harvey Osmond - their Acid Folk tinged "A Quiet Evil" is one of the great new releases of 2009.

So, for all that he has given us this year, and for also being one helluva nice guy, Tom Wilson has won the Creator of the Year!

Two of Tom's CDs can be purchased by going to:


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