Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Radio Station of the Year - Radio Caledon

OK one last shout out from 2009 before we turn over the calendar on this year, and this first decade that was 2000.

These folks, with Rick Jones at the helm have done amazing things for indie recording artists. We at the Indie Radio Show invade the Radio Caledon studios once a month for our show, but Jones does his indie music show once a week!

Indie bands from around the Caledon area, and many bands from Toronto, and even Hamilton make the trip up the highway to be on one of Canada's best Indie Music Radio Shows.

So a Big shout out to Rick Jones, all round music fan, and host of Wednesday night's indie music show Songs From The Woods. Also a shout out goes to Rick Sargent, who occasionally does production for the show.

Be sure to tune in each week for Songs From The Woods, from 8 till 10 EST. The Indie Radio Show(case)happens on the last Wednesday of the month.

Tonight, singer / songwriter Patrick Dickinson performs live in studio selections from his new release.

Join us by listening in on the the Caledon Bolton area you can tune into B105.5 in Bolton, or at 102.7 The View in Caledon on the FM dial. Or for everyone else tune in through your computer at:

Here is a clip from an instudio performance from Peter Bloom, whose CD can be purchased at

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