Friday, December 18, 2009

Best Radio Show Host of 2009 - Brent Bambury of CBC Radio One's GO

There is no bigger friend of Canadian Independent recording artists than Brent Bambury. His name is synonymous with great musical talent from Canada. Brent has been a big booster of new music at the Canadian Broadcasting Corp for many years.

Brent launched his radio career at CBC stations in Saint John, Halifax and Montreal. He began to work for Radio Two's Brave New Waves in 1984, and he became that show's permanent host one year later. Brent became known as a purveyor of obscure and emerging music, and a guide to alternative culture. He stayed up late and drank the best coffee in Montreal.

In 1995 he joined Tina Srebotnjak on CBC TV's Midday. He's since come to his senses and returned to radio.

Brent thinks radio should be kinetic, full of life, fun, outrageous and thoughtful all at the same time. He lives this idea of radio every Saturday morning hosting the best variety show on CBC Radio One - GO.

The generosity Brent shows while hosting is incredible for a National Radio host. Case in point would be the clip attached. Arick Howser is a fan of the show who is in the studio audience on a regular basis. In this clip Bambury has the young aspiring comic come on the show, for a totally unscripted one on one. This just does not happen on most shows - a most generous host indeed.

And the reason for this blog is the music. The incredible live music that pours out of the studio every morning is absolutely ear bending! To get musicians
up that early on a Saturday morning to perform live in front of a studio audience, shows the importance of the show.

Hats off to Brent Bambury - our Radio Show Host of 2009. Must mentions in conjunction with this award are his amazing team - Contest Nana (Nana Aba Duncan), British Pete (Peter Morey), Anshuman Iddamsetty, Jeff Goodes (ex-host of Fresh Air), Bronwyn Page, Erin Noel and David Carroll. Also a big shout out to "Producer Paul" who's ears ensure the music feed going out on the radio show is perfect.

Let's hope this is the future for CBC Radio - relevent, funny, irreverent, and in touch with the audience - a live audience at that. This, and an amazing platform for our Canadian Musical talent!

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