Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Indie Music Company of the Year - CHCanada.com

And last, but not least is the company that has allowed me the time and space to write passionately about one of my great loves - Canadian independent Music.
More precisely, kudos go out to Ryan Swain and Mike Smith. These two innovators see the benefit of new media, to actively promote online efforts to bring Canadian indie music to a larger audience. Through You Tube, blogging, radio, Facebook and Twitter, CHCanada.com has been actively getting the word out there about musical acts, waiting to be discovered.

The parent company has been in Canada for almost 50 years. For most of those years they were able to offer amazing deals on music to the Canadian public. Canadians of a certain age will remember the 12 LP's for a penny promotions. As new formats became popular, the music club offered 8-tracks, cassettes, and then finally CDs.
The compact disk is still the best sound when listening to music - hands down better than MP3 files.

The Internet has been a double edged sword for Canadian music retailers - file sharing essentially decimated the music business. So there is no longer a CD club per se. Instead, a new online company was born, and can be found at:


Online CHCanada.com carries all manner of indie CDs, major label CDs, DVDs, Blu Rays, T-shirts, and rock n roll books. The membership fee has been waived, so anyone can access the site to enjoy amazing deals. Your Entertainment Dollar goes a lot farther at CHCanada.com than anywhere else.

All of the blogging, You Tubing, and the Indie Radio Show gives us a chance to interact with Canadians on a whole new level. Getting out there listening, and finding new acts, selling their CDs online, and talking about them has given CHCanada.com a street profile, the parent company never had.

So, big props go out to CHCanada.com. Rocking in the free world, and bringing you the best in Canadian entertainment.
Grab a CD from your fave indie act. It is tough to make a living as a musician in this day and age. Profits from the proceeds of the indie CDs we sell go right back to the artist - we deal with each musical act directly.

CHCanada.com is looking forward to helping you with all of your entertainment needs for 2010!

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